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Your Internet Business Opportunity Should Focus on Other People’s Success!

I get a lot of questions from students these days.
Questions like:
What is the quickest way to learn internet marketing and become very successful?
What is the best internet business opportunity to choose?
What should I do so I can work at home and earn a lot of money in a short period of time?
I know that there are tons of people searching for a legitimate internet business because they want to work at home and live a great lifestyle.
That’s why I initially got into internet marketing and affiliate marketing.
But when people ask me these sorts of questions I always tell them the same thing.
You know what I tell them?
I tell them they are focused on the wrong goal. I tell them to stop focusing on their bank account. Stop focusing on how rich they want to be.
Then they look at me like I have 3 heads.
But I’m totally serious. There really is something to this “what comes around, goes around” stuff.
Stop focusing on the money, the wealth, the jewelry and expensive toys.
Start focusing on how you can be of service to other people.
How you can help others.
What you can do to make some ones life better.
So… before you purchase an internet marketing training course or sign up for any affiliate marketing programs, forget about that big mansion you want and think about giving people things of value.
Once you adjust your thinking and direct your energy at helping others instead of filling up your wallet, you may be amazed at the results.
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