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Here’s the truth about “Can you actually make money online?”

Monday, July 12th, 2021

Here’s the honest truth, you’re not going to be able to make a sustainable online income with some crazy new app, some instant push button system, and you’re not going to do it by filling out forms, doing surveys, or dancing like a fool on tick toc. Making money online really is possible, and you can actually earn a really great income doing it, but, you’ve got to know what you’re doing. You can get some highly-recommended Free Training here:

There are a lot of marketers currently promoting easy side hustles and push button riches, and it makes me kind of sick. Your time is really valuable, so don’t waste it going after a system that promises instant riches. I’ve wasted a lot of time and effort in the past being fooled by those polished marketers and their fancy sales videos, but I didn’t know any better. I was a true beginner at this and I had never done it before. I don’t want you to go through all the things that I went through. I’d like you to learn from my mistakes and avoid wasting time on businesses that don’t work. My number one goal is to save you time and money by showing the mistakes I made when I was getting started with an online business.

It took me many painful years to get where I am today, so wouldn’t it be nice if it only took you months to get where you want to go. I’d spend, weeks, even months, trying to master a system that people told me was the right one to use, and it was super frustrating. If I can help you avoid having to go through that frustration, and help you get on a straight line to where you want to go, then I think that’s a really good thing. And all those fancy marketers make it sound so simple and easy. But in reality what they were telling you to do was really, really complicated and difficult to understand. And, there were a million steps involved. Here’s the good news…there are ways you can avoid all that nonsense and get the help you need to reach your goals in a reasonable amount of time.

So can you actually make money online? Absolutely, yes you can. You do have to know what to do and how to do it in the most time effective and cost effective way. So that’s what I want to share with you today. I’m no expert and I never claimed to be, but I know a lot and I’ve learned a lot about this business, and I think you can get a lot from my knowledge.

First thing… my suggestion is that you get into affiliate marketing. And not just any random type of affiliate marketing. I suggest you get involved in the high ticket affiliate marketing field. Why high ticket affiliate marketing? Because your commissions and profit margins are much higher. If you’re going to spend your energy and precious time trying to get your business going, wouldn’t you rather make $1500 commissions than $20 commissions. That’s exactly what high ticket affiliate marketing allows you to do. I suggest you pick a high quality digital marketing product that helps somebody solve one of their major problems. A product which gives the customer tremendous value, one that you know they’re going to benefit from having. Whatever you decide to sell, it should make your customers feel like they got a fantastic deal, and that they’re better off from having met you.

Next thing I tell people when they ask me “can you actually make money online” is they should consider looking into getting a mentor. Someone who can cut the learning curve down for them and compress five years of experience and learning into a four or five week course. My mentor has been absolutely invaluable to me. I’m convinced they have saved me months and months of trial and error, and thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in the past was thinking that I could figure this out all on my own. What a monumental waste of time that was. My business, and other important aspects of my life, have completely turned around since I started working with my mentor.

Some of the marketers that you’ve seen before may have been telling you that they have a simple two-step system to online riches, and that all you have to do is follow their system. After that you can watch the money come pouring in. You just sit back and watch the cash roll in and collect it all as it falls from the sky. Oh please, really? Then you do a little bit of research, and you find out that these fancy marketers don’t run their business the way they’re telling you to run your business. I really get a little sick of these guys telling you to “do as I say, but not as I do”. Actually, that’s a good measurement of their integrity and honesty. If they aren’t running their online business the way they tell you to run your online business, then you should be running in the other direction quickly!

So when choosing your mentor, make sure they’re teaching you the exact same techniques and strategies that they’re actually using to operate their successful internet business.

Hey…I know how frustrating it can be as you make your way through the maze of internet business opportunities out there. One of the things I found has been helpful for me when looking at make money online opportunities is to follow your gut. You know when something feels right and you know when it feels wrong.

So can you actually make money online? The answer is “Yes you can!” Now, more than any other time in history, there’s a big potential to make a really great income with your own online business. And there’s a ton of valuable information out there if you keep your eyes open. Plus, if you start out your journey by mastering the first steps in the learning process for free, well, that sounds like a great idea to me.

I’ve got some free training for you below. I think you’re going to like it and I think you’re going to get a lot of value from it. Well that’s all for now, wishing you health, wealth and happiness. Take care of yourself.
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