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Affiliate Marketing: Can it Really Be Done Without Using a Website?

Monday, August 30th, 2021

In the above video, we answer the question “Can affiliate marketing be done without a website”?

What’s affiliate marketing?

These 5 steps describe affiliate marketing:

Step Number One – Decide which products you want to sell.
Step Number Two – Join the affiliate network that sells those products.
Step Number Three – Obtain your affiliate link to promote the products.
Step Number Four – Position that link in front of people who are actively looking for those products.
Step Number Five – People buy the product through your affiliate link and you get a commission.

In this video, we’re going to discover five methods for being successful with affiliate marketing without having your own website.

Method #1 Write an ebook and put all your affiliate links in the book.

Writing an ebook is not difficult. If you don’t want to write it yourself, there are services that can do the work for you. And one of the services that you can use is something called Fiverr. Fiverr is a search engine of services. Whether you write the ebook yourself, or you have someone else write it, the ebook has to have really good content. Writing an ebook and placing your affiliate links within it is an effective method that you can use to do affiliate marketing without having your own website.

Method #2 Posting your affiliate links on Pinterest.

Pinterest is made up of different boards. People put up boards, and then they put images on their boards. People will look at the boards and click on the images so they can get more information. You put your affiliate links where people can see them. And if you’re offering something that they want, they might click on your affiliate link, and then purchase through that link, and you will get paid a commission!

Method #3 Leave comments on forums.

You’re going to leave quality comments and information that answers people’s questions. You would locate popular forums in your niche, go to those forums and locate people who are looking for answers to their questions, and then provide thoughtful answers to their questions. You want to be really helpful and add value to conversations in the forum. People will read your answers and they’ll really appreciate your honesty and helpfulness. They’ll see your affiliate link and then they might go to your link and click on it. They may even make a purchase through your link. This method works pretty well. It’s kind of hard to grow a large business this way, though. The only way you can really scale this type of business is to either hire people to do it, or spend all of your own time doing it.

Method #4 Using the Google AdWords platform to market your affiliate products.

Google AdWords is a very popular platform that allows you to advertise your affiliate links using what we call keywords. You’ll need to find affiliate networks that don’t mind you using their keywords to write your ads with. There are affiliate networks that allow you to do just that. You have to go to the affiliate networks and find their Terms of Service, and then read them carefully. If they state that you may use their keywords to advertise with, then this method will work for you.

Method #5 Start a Facebook group about a particular subject.

You can start a Facebook group about a particular subject, and then add members to your group who are interested in that subject. You would then post articles and videos related to that subject. You can build a huge group of followers who are very interested in your content you publish. You know…people who really appreciate your content, people who will purchase from the affiliate links that you’ve posted. This type of marketing does take a lot of time, and you need to make sure you’re putting out really high quality content for your group members.
If you offer quality products to your group members that relate directly to the subject they’re interested in, they may click on your affiliate links, and if they like what they see, they can purchase through your links. Then you would get paid a commission.
The five different methods I described in the video all work. You have to decide if you like one of them one enough to put the time in to make it work.

In my next tutorial video, I’m going to describe the absolute best affiliate marketing model that can help you build a predictable, sustainable, consistent online income. You don’t need to have any previous experience, or any special skills to be successful with this business model. It is the only way I choose to make money online.

I really don’t want you to miss my next video. I suggest you do yourself a favor and watch the video above, and then go and subscribe to my Youtube channel and turn on the notifications. Wishing you health, wealth and happiness. Take good care of yourself!

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